At our core is a belief in the value of connecting people with their outside space. We design gardens as living spaces – both alive and for living.  The aim is to create places people will both use and love over time. By combining honest, solid design principles with a fresh approach to the use of plants and materials, we craft gardens to become the most cherished part of the home.


Projects range from complete redesigns to updating a corner of the garden. We work closely with clients to understand what they want from a space and bring it to life using harmonious combinations underpinned by a commitment to sustainability.


Based in London, Taylor Moran was founded by Louis Taylor and Katya Moran, a husband and wife team. Louis is an artist and skilled designer with extensive horticultural knowledge. Following a degree in Illustration and Book Arts at The University of the Arts London, and several years running a busy London gardening company, he studied horticulture, garden design and construction design at Capel Manor and the London College of Garden Design. Katya, who also works as a lawyer, leads on business operations and project management.

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